Disinfecting to Prevent Coronavirus Entering Your House

Disinfecting to Prevent Coronavirus Entering Your House

The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, along with germs that cause cough, cold, and flu, is becoming a topic for concern. One must take extra steps to prevent the house from viruses and other bacteria. This will not only prevent illness but also stop its spread in the community.


According to the researchers, coronavirus generally transmits from a person who is already infected, and someone, usually within six feet, inhales the respiratory droplets produced by the person.


However, coronavirus can spread through indirect ways, as well. For example, if the virus is residing on a surface and people touch that surface and then their mouth, nose, or eyes, they get infected by the virus too.


The coronavirus is not your general everyday virus. But it is something that can cause severe health issues, sometimes leading to death. Therefore, you must use disinfecting wipes to clean your phone, appliance handles, TV remotes, and things that come in frequent contact with many people. Wear a mask before leaving your house. Wash your hands regularly throughout the day. use hand sanitizers when outside the home. If you bring anything from outside, make sure to disinfect the item before letting it in. Wash the vegetables and fruits with a vegetable cleaner and water thoroughly. If in case you come in contact with an infected person, take a bath as soon as you reach home. Wash the clothes with a strong detergent. If you have a workplace, then make sure that you do an anti-bacterial cleaning of the place.


Here are some tips and suggestions to help you protect your family members and house from coronavirus.


Washing your hands and disinfecting the household things regularly is very important. According to various national health organizations, washing your hands thoroughly with soap for at least 20 seconds in small intervals of time reduces the risk pf coronavirus infecting you. As an extra precaution, use hand sanitizer, which contains more than 60 percent alcohol.


You touch different surfaces throughout the day, so picking up germs is unavoidable. When your hands are not clean and contaminated, they can transfer the bacteria and viruses in the body through your eyes, nose, and mouth. Therefore, avoid touching your face, but if you want to make, then sure to disinfect your hands first.


Apart from maintaining personal hygiene, it is essential to have a clean house. Get your home disinfected by the experts of a renowned anti bacterial cleaning Long Island company. If you have mold elevated office or business building, then make sure that you get the mold issue fixed by a commercial mold service Long Island company because flu and cough causing viruses and germs can spread through mold spores.


For regular house and surface, cleaning use commercial cleaner-disinfectants that clean the surface and kill the germs present on the surface. You can use these cleaner-disinfectants in the kitchen, bathroom, and almost the entire house.


Disinfecting the surfaces the right way is equally important as that of using a disinfectant. Every disinfectant requires a certain amount of time to clean the surface most effectively. You need to keep the surface wet with the disinfectant until it evaporates on its own. It is uncertain for how long the coronavirus can reside or survive on different surfaces. Therefore, it is advisable to clean surfaces like door handles, light switches, mobile phones, flush handles, etc. frequently.


Due to the advent of technology, many home appliances these days can fight coronavirus and other flu and cough, causing germs. Many washing machines these days come with a sanitize and steam setting option. Using these washing options along with strong detergent powder, bleach or peroxide can kill germs effectively. Certain dishwashers that have a sanitize cycle clean the utensils by shooting 99.9 percent of the bacteria present. Air purifiers make use of ultraviolet light, which kills germs effectively. However, the efficiency may vary from model to model. Steam cleaners are an excellent option to disinfect items that you cannot wash. Steam kills 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria, such as salmonella, E. coli, and staph bacteria.


Plan out a daily and weekly disinfecting routine for your home to prevent coronavirus. Clean the kitchen sink hardware, countertops, cutting boards, and cabinet pulls. Replace or wash the dish and kitchen cloths daily. Empty the wastebaskets and throw the garbage daily. Make sure to disinfect the trash cans daily. Clean the bathroom faucet and handles. Clean the toilet flush handles and taps with disinfecting wipes. Make sure to wash the bath towels daily to avoid the growth of bacteria and germs. Clean the other rooms of the house with disinfecting wipes. Every week, wash the toothbrush holders and disinfect them. Clean the bathtubs, washbasins, shower doors with soap, and disinfecting agents.


Do not step out of the house unnecessarily. Avoid going to public places or coming in contact with multiple persons. Wear a mask or cover your face when outside the home. Wear gloves before touching things outside the house.

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