Mold Inspection & Testing Services (Long Island, USA)

Mold fungus can be troublesome, especially in residential and workplaces. It grows fast in areas with low visibility and high humidity, and places that are difficult to clean. Mold can cause various issues such as foul smell, which can further lead to health issues, including allergies in the nose and throat.

Mold Inspection & Testing Services in Long Island @ Long Island Mold Specialist! Get your property in Long Island professionally inspected and tested by us if:

  • You find the bad smell
  • You see water leakage or unusual humidity
  • Your property has faced flooding and water gathering for days

How do we do it?

We at Long Island Mold Specialist are experts in mold testing, removal, and mold inspection in Long Island, NY. Fix an appointment with us, and we will respond to your query quickly. For us, inspecting and testing your premises is a priority, and we will work on mold removal treatment if immediately required. Our services are cost-effective and highly-efficient for homes and offices in Long Island, NY. Call us now!

Mold Inspection Services Long Island, NY

Mold is a type of fungus. It grows and spreads rapidly by sporadic reproduction. Mold spores are generally present everywhere. These spores can form molds only when they settle upon a moist surface. This means the best method to keep away all the molds is to keep your house dry and moist free. You have to clean up spills, repair the water leakages. There should be a proper venting facility in the bathroom and kitchen to keep the moisture out.

If you live in the Long Island region and want your house to be mold-free, then you can contact the company expert in mold inspection Long Island. We provide the best mold inspection services to our clients so that they can rest assured that their house or workplace is free from any mold infestation. The mold inspection, testing, and removal services at Long Island Mold Specialists are suitable to meet all the needs of the clients. You must think of mold inspection in your house or workplace when you notice these symptoms:

  • Excess moisture or humidity and water leakage
  • Musty odor
  • Water gathering or flood water at your workplace or home

You must give a call to our mold inspection team if you get to notice these symptoms mentioned above. Our efficient team will undertake effective mold inspection Long Island area.

The Mold Inspection Procedure at Long Island Mold Specialist

At Long Island Mold Specialist, our trained technicians will provide you expert services in mold inspection Long Island NY. Mold inspection comprises of visual assessment of mold presence in the affected home or business. Essential tools and a good quality flashlight is enough for a mold inspection. Cameras and moisture meter also come handy in case of mold inspection Long Island.

A mold inspector will go through the entire house and look for places where molds can thrive easily. When he detects mold growth during the mold inspection process, he tries to discover the source of moisture that supports moisture growth. Then he will tall to the owner and create a report and remedial plans. This ends the process of mold inspection Long Island NY.

One must always look for a licensed and certified mold inspection team. Ours is a team of expert and certified technicians at Long Island Mold Removal. The cost involved in mold inspection depends on the location and area of the affected home or business. If you opt for mold inspection Long Island NY, the cost maybe a little less as compared to other regions. If we go for average, the cost of mold inspection Long Island will be around $300-$400 for a small to medium-sized house or workplace. If your property is more than 4000 sq. Feet, then the cost of mold inspection will range from $700 to $900.

After completion of mold inspection Long Island, the mold inspector comes up with the perfect remedial plan. They will ensure the removal of moisture from the mold-infested area. Cleaning and using organic remedies to remove mold permanently is the most significant step.

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